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Admissions & Registration

Why do you have to be 18+? 

Even though 42 supports atypical profiles, we do not encourage dropping out of high school, so we do not recommend the training to people before their coming of age.

Are there any required diplomas? 

Neither school or university diplomas, nor preparatory courses are required to access 42’s study program. You’ll only have to go through the online games and the Piscine, our 4-week trial period. 

What are the dates for the next check-in/Piscine? 

New dates are added throughout the year: applicants are informed by email, on social networks, and via this website.

Can I pass the Piscine on another campus? 

All the application steps, from the online tests to the Piscine, should be completed at the same campus. After having completed the core curriculum, you’ll be able to switch to another 42 of your choice.

The Piscine

What is the Piscine? 

The word “Piscine” is French for “swimming pool”. Everybody dives into the deep end of coding and learns how to swim together. It is an intense 4-week trial period where you’ll discover the basics of programming from scratch. It comes with single-day modules, peer evaluations, weekend group projects, and machine exams. Don’t see it as a competition, however. There is no fixed number of applicants to be selected, and collaboration is one of the key aspects of 42. 

What are the selection criteria? 

We don’t communicate the selection criteria. There’s only one rule: during the Piscine, give everything you’ve got. This is the only way you will know if 42’s methods suit your expectations. 

Can you take the Piscine several times? 

You can take up to 2 Piscines in your lifetime, on all campuses of 42 and its partners. A minimum of 300 days between these 2 Piscines must be respected. 

Do I need to bring my laptop to the Piscine? 

No. 42 Luxembourg is fully equipped with desktop computers you’ll get to use during the Piscine and the program. 

Am I eligible for an individual training leave for the Piscine?

Yes, candidates who are registered for the Piscine are eligible for individual training leave. We will gladly issue a certificate of participation upon request. For more information, please visit this website.

What happens if I fail the Piscine or have to quit?

If you fail the Piscine, you can participate in a second Piscine. Please note that you can only participate in 2 Piscines during your life, regardless of campus; you also have to wait a minimum of 300 days between them.
If you happen to have a medical or family emergency that prevents you from attending or finishing the Piscine, you can talk to our staff and we’ll try to find a solution.

Foreign Students

Can I register at 42 as a foreign student? 

Yes, you can. However, 42 is not a distance learning course. You must be able to be present at the 42 campus for the selection process and the whole curriculum. 

Can I get a visa for the introduction meeting or the Piscine? 

42 Luxembourg has no influence on the issuing of visas. If necessary, we can confirm your participation in the 26-day Piscine. However, you may also be able to complete the Piscine on a travel visa. 

What languages are spoken at 42 Luxembourg? 

Luxembourg is a multilingual country, and our participants will mostly speak French and English. Our projects and their instructions come in either language of your choice. 

Graduation & Diploma

What kind of diploma do I receive? 

At graduation, you do not receive an accredited diploma like a Bachelor’s, for instance. However, we don’t think this is a problem in the tech sector, as most companies only care about the skills you’ve developed, not your diploma. You will, however, receive a certificate that attests to the final level you’ve obtained at 42. Additionally, 42 is a well-known, internationally established entity. 

Costs & Financial assistance 

How much does 42 cost? 

Training at 42 is completely tuition-free. There are no hidden fees, neither during nor after 42. 

Does 42 offer any financial assistance? 

We currently do not offer any financial assistance. 

Can I request the state financial aid when registered for 42 Luxembourg?  

42 Students are not eligible for the state financial aid in Luxembourg. 

After graduation

How does 42 Luxembourg prepare me for my career? 

42 will teach you how to learn, think critically, and truly understand what you’re doing. You won’t be bound to a specific technology, but will be able to adapt to the ever-changing domain that is technology, allowing you to develop and maintain relevant skills over the course of your career. 

What are my chances for employment? 

After the first internship, 89% of our participants already receive a permanent employment contract. After graduating, 42’s employment rate in the IT sector is close to 100%. 

Curriculum & Program 

How long does 42 take? 

The whole program takes upwards of 3 years on average, with the first part – the core curriculum – lasting an average of 18 months. After that, it’s up to you when you want to graduate; you can complete the specialisation in whichever way and timeframe that suits you best. 

Why learn C?

As a low-level general-purpose language, C is much closer to computer hardware compared to others languages like Python or Javascript. Often used in embedded or operating systems development, C allows for greater control over memory and I/O usage. As a result, C developers gain a deeper understanding of computers, operating systems, and application interactions, making it easier for them to learn other languages. But C is only the beginning – you’ll of course be able to learn other languages during your time at 42 as well.

Is it full-time/can I do it next to my job?

42 training is intense and it’s not recommended to do it in addition to a full-time job. A part-time job is more reasonable, if you have the discipline for it.

Can I take a break during the program?

Yes, it’s called the “Freeze”. You can take 3 breaks during the core curriculum, for up to 6 months altogether. The specialisation is more flexible and can be combined with work or an internship and can be stretched over a longer period of time. 

The Campus

Does 42 Luxembourg offer any accomodation?

42 Luxembourg is not a post-secondary education establishment. As such, 42 participants do not have access to student housing in Belval.

We do, however, have an agreement with the youth hostel in Esch-sur-Alzette for participants of the Piscine, where you can book a stay for the entire duration of the Piscine.

Since you can’t book more than 7 days via their website, here’s how you do it: after successful registration to the Piscine, please send an email to info@42luxembourg.lu to request a certificate of participation. Then send an email with this certificate to cindy.krier@youthhostels.lu along with all of your information and the desired duration of your stay (you can book 1 or 2 days more than the Piscine if you want to stay a day earlier/later).

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you’ve already started your application, you can contact us through the dedicated platform admission.42luxembourg.lu. Click once on your email address and “I’ve got a problem.” This will open a ticket and someone will access your file and help you in the most suitable way.

For general questions, you can reach us via email at info@42luxembourg.lu or give us a call at
(+352) 247-95292.