After 42

A hands-on coding school designed for maximum employability

42 Luxembourg is a full-time, peer-to-peer coding school that prepares you to kickstart your computer science career through collaborative, project-based learning. It’s based entirely on practical work and is designed to get our students to develop their technical and interpersonal skills as efficiently as possible, in order to be quickly absorbed by the labour market.

In the challenging and rapidly evolving IT sector, the future can be hard to foresee, as 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 have not been invented yet (source: Dell). What we do know however, is that 42 is one of the best education programs to safeguard your future, so let’s take a look at some numbers!

At one glance

94% permanent contracts

Based on a 2022 survey from 42 Paris, 94% of their graduates have been hired on permanent contracts.

4.65/5 satisfaction

The employers of 42 graduates have given them an average satisfaction score of 4.65 out of 5.

> 5.000 job offers

Despite Luxembourg’s small size, the ADEM had more than 5.000 listed IT job offers in 2022.

Open positions and salaries in Luxembourg

According to a sectoral study from the ADEM (Luxembourg’s employment agency), 5.341 vacant IT positions had been declared across a multitude of sectors. In 2023, Luxembourg’s IT sector alone was looking for 3.501 employees.

The 2023 Hays Salary Guide for Luxembourg mentions that 40% of their participating clients in the technology sector are looking to permanently hire new employees. A developer/analyst programmer with 3 years of experience earns 55k € on average; this number increases to 80k with 8 years of experience for a developer and 95k for a software architect or project manager.

Your career options after 42

During the Common Core, each student follows the same curriculum. It takes an average of 18 months to complete and you’ll have gained experience in C, as well as C++ and web development. Overall, your experience will have prepared you to be able to handle any programming language and technology in your future career.

During the following (and optional) Specialisation, you can dive deeper into any topic of your choice: whether it’s cybersecurity, AI, kernel programming, gaming, networks, web development, or a combination of all of these subjects and more. You can also mix in internships or work opportunities.

Interested? You can continue browsing our site for further information, or you can head directly to our registration portal to sign up for a series of online games that test your logic skills, followed by a visit at our campus and our intense (but fun) 4-week coding bootcamp, the Piscine.