About 42

Learning through practice

Learning at 42 involves seeking concrete solutions to the problems you face – rather than having to memorize lessons without any practical applications. From your very first steps at 42 – namely, the Piscine – you are asked to think for yourself in front of a computer. Of course, no one expects you to be able to do everything from the start: failing and making mistakes are not penalized. In fact, failures and mistakes are a better way to learn than lectures. At 42, making errors and messing up are simply an invitation to try again, just like in a video game.

A global network

Since its inception in 2013, 42 has grown to become the world’s largest IT school network that’s free, innovative, and open for everybody. Not only do we aim for openness and diversity in theory, but advocate for it in practice too: after completing the core curriculum, participants may decide to continue their specialisation in the 42 network elsewhere, in one of the 54 campuses spread across 31 countries.

An education for tomorrow’s world

“Learning to learn” is one of 42’s primary goals. Learn by doing and experience coding challenges and successes first-hand. In order to gain greater understanding of the “why”, participants at 42 review each others’ work and, in this moment of exchange, will have to justify their reasoning. These moments help consolidate personal learning and share knowledge with the community.

Our program is designed to be brand- and technology-agnostic, so that our graduates stay adaptive and avoid obsolescence during their future employments and ever-changing careers.

A unique concept

For everybody

No matter your background, anyone over the age of 18 is welcome at 42. No diploma or prerequisites necessary!


No admission fees, no hidden fees, no nothing.

No courses, no teachers, no classes

Over a hundred projects that will help you and your peers seek, grow, and share knowledge.

18 months – 5 years

Everybody’s different, and you can progress at your own pace. Results matter – no two paths are the same.


You’ll work and learn together, grow your communication skills, and develop a thorough understanding of the subject matter.


42 is designed to teach you how to learn in order to stay adaptive. 89% of our graduates receive permanent positions.

International network

An international network of thousands of participants that fosters collaboration and openness.

Gamified experience

Earn experience points by completing projects, level up, and get achievements by participating in special events and competitions.

Ready for you

42 Luxembourg comes prepared with modern computers and facilities that are available 24/7.


To gain access to 42 Luxembourg, you’ll have to complete a short series of online games before meeting in person in Belval. Afterwards, we’ll invite you to our “Piscine”, an intense – but fun – 4 weeks of learning, coding, and group activities to see if we’re a good fit for each other.