42 Luxembourg is a full-time, peer-to-peer coding school that prepares you to kickstart your computer science career through collaborative, project-based learning.

Our two-part education program aims to develop your technical and interpersonal skills and prepares you for the expectations of the labor market and the digital career of your choice.


  • No teachers, classes or courses
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Project-based approach
  • No costs, no fees
  • No prerequisites
  • Full-time study program
  • 12 months to 5 years
  • Open 24/7 in Belval
  • International & future-ready

Your time at 42 Luxembourg

Two parts, one goal

42’s curriculum is split into 2 parts: the common core and the specialisation.

First, you’ll learn basics like programming in C, algorithm and software development, as well as introductions to file systems, UNIX, and network architecture.

Afterwards, you get to have a greater say in what you want to focus on. This part includes an optional internship and covers a wide range of programming languages and technologies, all ensuring the success of your future career.

Coming up

Next Piscines:

  • 🟢 08.07.2024 – 02.08.2024
  • 🟢 02.09.2024 – 27.09.2024

Next Check-ins:

  • 🟢 01.08.2024 – EN & FR (on-site)

Curriculum Kick-off

  • 🟢 October 21st 2024

Our Campus

42 Luxembourg is located within the Digital Learning Hub in Belval, Luxembourg’s education and technology center. Take a look at our facilities, meet our team, and contact us if you have any questions.